Map history:

My first and only map for the game FarCry.
Since I did not play Farcry its multi play component, I decided to create a singleplayer level and went for a sniper theme.



You are Nick Rock, hired by the CIA for a undercover mission.
The mission: Find and eliminate a rebel commander in the borderlands of two country's.
And get out in one piece.

  • nr01
  • nr02
  • nr03


 Map info:

The objective is to locate and eliminate the enemy commander and make a save retreat to the
pickup point.
Terrain has rolling hills covered with jungle crossed by two small rivers and some beaches.
Further there is a cave and some leftover World War Two structures.
Its probebly not one of the easyest maps to complete and has 4 different endings currently
just restarting the map.
The idea was to make different levels for the different endings, but I never got around to that.

Either way I hope you enjoy my hard work :-)