De_Kilo2 for Counter-Strike source.

Complete remake of de_kilo, same basic layout but the map is pretty much build from the ground up.
This level has an artic russian base setting,
Terrorists are trying to blow the kilo class submarines to bits and the surviving base personel has to stop them.
The level supports up to 64 players, includes overviews and radar.

This level also supports bots.

  • de_kilo2_1
  • de_kilo2_2
  • de_kilo2_3



de_kilo_hdr: (latest release) Heavy changed version with custom props , day setting, hdr and green radar. Also removed the underground route and opened extra gates instead.
de_kilo2_64: 64 player version
de_kilo2: Orriginal version 32 spawns



(Latest release only)


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