De_battleship for Counter-Strike source.

This is a level I always wanted to do:
Its a battleship of the Iowa Class and is a mix of the modern versions of the USS Misouri and USS New Jersey.
This is my first map made almost entirely with self made custom models and textures.
This map is availeble in 2 flavors, a night and day version.
The night version has more atmosphere but the day version has better framerates.

The map supports up to 64 players, includes overview and radar.
This level also supports bots.


  • de_battleship_1
  • de_battleship_2
  • de_battleship_3



de_battleship_hdr: Updated version, added custom props, green radar and hdr.
de_battleship_day: daylight version.
de_battleship: Initial release, 64 players.


Download Night version:

(Latest release only)


Local (as part of my css mappack )

GamersHell (as part of css mappack)


Day Version: