Cs_Logistic_assault for Counter-Strike source.

This map is my own take at a cs_assault remake.
It is not an exact layout copy but its very close to it.
The setting is a European industrial area.
Normally I don't do remakes of other people's maps but this one was to tempting, assault is a popular map and I thought I could do a better job then the ports currently availeble.
(Soon after my release the official remake was done)
This is a very fast made map, basicly because I got the idea while playing one of the ports and had a clear idea already how every corner in the map would look like.

The map supports up to 64 players, includes overview and radar.
This level also supports bots.


  • cs_logistic_1
  • cs_logistic_2
  • cs_logistic_3



cs_logistic_assault_hdr: Added HDR, green radar and some custom props.
cs_logistic_assault: Orriginal version.



(Latest release only)


Local (as part of my css mappack )

GamersHell (as part of css mappack)