Cs_Beirut2 for Counter-Strike source.

A remake of de_fort what was the sequel for cs_beirut.
Changed to the beirut name so players recognize the playstyle a bit.
The level has a desert/montain setting and has nothing to do with the city of Beirut.
Terrorists are holding hostages in this fortified castle like city and a Counter-Terrorist unit is sent to get them out.

The map supports up to 64 players, includes overview and radar.
This level also supports bots.

  • cs_beirut2_hdr_1
  • cs_beirut2_hdr_2
  • cs_beirut2_hdr_3



cs_beirut2_hdr: Updated version with hdr, green radar and graphics improvements (last release).
cs_beirut2_65: 64 player version with some balance fixes.
cs_beirut2: Orriginal version with 32 spawns.



(Latest release only)


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