Building my own home

So there is no game development going on anymore.



Spheritis is now officially released.



I submitted Awakening to Steam Greenlight and its sittting there at nr 5 :)
Wish it was Spheritis tough :P

Speaking of Spheritis,
The singleplayer campaign is pretty much done, just needs some more testing and polish.
Working on Linux and Mac versions and the last multiplayer level.
It will be released in the comming months.
I also added some more screenshots to its personal website.



Busy busy busy,
Playtesting spheritis for a release to the game press. Almost there.

Updated the media images for spheritis on this website and fixed the contact forms what apeared to be down on this website and my spheritis website.



After feedback I decided to change the name of my game from Ballitis to Spheritis.


Spheritis website


Along with the steam release there are the first gameplay movies and a load of recent screenshots added to the steam greenlight submission so check it out.
And even if you do not like the game but like to support me for my past work you know what you have to do!  :-)


I am happy to release my new website.
This website is also on a new host and I am able to provide local download links for everything I have made so far!
I no longer have a separate website for Awakening but integrated it into this one.


Along with this new website goes a new website for my latest project ballitis.


And a brand new website for Stassis Developments.
Stassis Developments is a little project with my buddy Spine where we sell assets for the Unity3D engine.

Check it out.


Its been almost 2 years  and it may look as if nothing has been going on here.
But I have simplybeen busy with my new project, a standalone game on the Unity3D engine called Ballitis. 

More info